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Fecha de publicación: Agosto 17, 2021
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Telecommuting is here to stay. It is not fashion, it is not a passing trend, and it is a work model that was not only the response to the impact of the pandemic, but will certainly mark the evolution of business going forward.


The truth is that working from home was seen as an imposition at this critical time for public health, forcing companies to adopt quick fixes to be able to continue their activity. And, if for some remote work is a way to maximize the time available on a daily basis, for others  the adaptation was more difficult and resulted in losses in efficiency or productivity .

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The answer to the success of this model is the  implementation of tools that allow this system to be maintained in the long term.


How to be more productive working from home?


As more people start working from home, in Portugal and around the world, new tools for telework are being tested and applied. Using laptops and Wi- Fi , it is now possible to respond to  telework . But the challenges remain and expectations for results have not changed. For this, there are tools that help to respond to the demands of the new reality.


Cloud storage system


To store and share documents between team members and employees of an organization, the most useful and advantageous is to bet on a cloud solution. It works like an online file, to which anyone with access can save, share and edit files. It is safe, comfortable and guarantees the best efficiency standards. And there are some well-known examples like Dropbox or Drive.


Tools to fuel communication


To boost communication between employees and teams, despite the distance, there are numerous applications and systems that enable instant communication, sharing of ideas or even documents. From Slack to Teams, passing through the well-known Whastapp, the answer in this field is simple.



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Slack is an instant messaging platform, in which a company creates a workplace, which can bring together different teams to talk to each other and share documents. There is also the option to exchange direct messages between different users.


Microsoft's Teams is another option: it allows you to communicate via instant messages with different teams, make video calls and collaborate on editing files.


Online diary


Organization is essential in times of telecommuting. If you're working from home, an online diary makes scheduling meetings much simpler, and in many cases, it's possible for others to find out how your day is organized. In this field, Google Calendar is a very viable example and option.


Applications to turn off distractions


Turning off distractions and increasing productivity is simpler and there are online applications for that. For is, Serene is an application that helps turn off mobile phone distractions when you really need to focus. It helps the user to set a daily goal and divide that goal into tasks. At the same time, it also temporarily blocks distracting websites and applications on the mobile phone and uses various “focus stimulators”, such as clocks counting down until the next break.


For Android users, there's Forest. It works like a game: when you want to take a break or focus on a single task, the application opens to "plant a tree" virtual that grows during the user's break. The tree dies when the user browses other websites or mobile applications.


Sharing tasks and collaborating as a team


Among so many tasks and responsibilities, project management becomes something complex that requires a lot of dedication. By centralizing tasks on a single platform , management is simpler. Tools like Trellis, Google Drive, Dropbox, Monday or Asana help keep the team together and information about tasks and projects is accessible to everyone involved.


Keep in touch with video conferences 


Debating ideas, solving problems, analyzing situations or discussing any more complex subject  is simpler through face-to-face contact. A simple email or even chat message is not enough. In video calls, participants can see each other and communicate easily, almost like a face-to-face meeting.


For this, there are several tools that allow you to do it in a simple way:

  • zoom

  • Google Hangouts

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Skype

Tools for financial management


Especially in adverse times like the one we live in, and working from home, the financial management of companies can be a critical point. Maintaining a healthy business essentially involves ensuring controlled management .


With Jasmin, a  cloud  management  software, you  can work remotely and autonomously while complying with legal and tax obligations.


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meeting in zoom


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