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If you use Snapchat, you know that the only way to save a picture/story is to screenshot it. But the catch is that the app notifies the user whose story you're taking a screenshot of! This can be a problem if you don't want the other person to know that you are saving their photos. Don't worry! We have something to help you, just click this link now

Here are some tricks to take screenshots on Snapchat without them knowing. But first, update Snapchat to the latest version. 

1. Use Another Phone to Take a Photo 

If you have a spare phone, you can use it to take a photo or record a Snapchat story without them knowing. Although it doesn't produce high-resolution screenshots, it's still a viable solution. 

I recommend saving the screen as you may not be sure of the length of the Snap. Also, you only have one option to click again, which will notify the sender again. 

2. Record Snapchat without notification on Mac 

Connect your iPhone to your Mac and open QuickTime Player using Spotlight Search. 

Next, click File → New Movie Save. 

Click the drop-down arrow next to the record button and select your iPhone as the camera input. 

Select iPhone as input for the camera and microphone. You should see your phone screen on your Mac. Finally, start recording the iPhone screen on Mac and start viewing photos. 

For more help, follow this step-by-step iPhone screen recording guide. 

If you don't want to make video recordings and prefer to take screenshots, follow the initial steps and press  Shift on your Mac instead of recording the screen. Next, press the spacebar and take a screenshot of the QuickTime window. 

3. Use Screen Mirroring 

Use this Snapchat trick to Snapchat at will without notification. So, if you want to mirror your phone to an external device, turn on Screen Mirroring in iPhone Control Center. Then save the Snap from that external device. However, it is a little riskier because the results vary. Some senders got the screenshot alert and some didn't. So try it with your friend and check if it worked or not! 

Which methods no longer work on Snapchat? 

Screen Recording: Your iPhone has a built-in screen recorder. So, you might consider recording your iPhone screen while using Snapchat and saving the recordings as a video. But that is not the case. We tried screen recording and it sends notifications! 

Enable Airplane Mode: This is an old trick that may work on older versions of Snapchat and iOS. But not now! You might think that airplane mode cuts off all networks, so how can Snapchat send screenshot notifications? In fact, Snapchat comes preloaded. Therefore, the server knows about your activity in the application. 

Clear App Cache: Older Snapchat users have done this trick. After disconnecting from the Internet, take a screenshot and then delete the cache. So your activity should not be recorded when the application connects to the Internet. But for now, Snapchat has closed that gap.

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