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RingCentral is Fax online through any Internet-connected computer or device. And with the RingCentral Mobile iPhone app, you can access your received faxes right on your iPhone. It lets you preview faxes, view a complete log of all your received documents and forward faxes as emails. RingCentral throws in more features such as digital signature, fax editing software and Microsoft integration. This lets you achieve a more professional document management and exchange method, letting you project a big business image to contacts. You also do not have to worry about smudged or blurred faxes, since the documents are preserved in their original file format. Fax online with RingCentral for a more sophisticated and highly reliable communications system.

RingCentral provides a complete hosted email fax service to small businesses and home offices. With Internet-based faxing capabilities, RingCentral now can i fax a document from my iphone, this app eliminates the need for an expensive fax machine and everything that goes with it. With email fax, you do not have to facilitate faxing by standing by the machine as it scans the document and sends it out. In the same way, every received fax is not automatically printed out of a machine. Instead, you can send and receive faxes like you would send and receive your email. To send out a fax, simply attach the document you want to send, input all information required such as the fax number of the recipient and your own fax number, and click Send. Meanwhile, all your faxes automatically arrive in your email inbox. You can also access them in your RingCentral Fax online account where the faxes are stored for 30 days. You can download the files and save them to your computer to keep important documents. Print only what you need, and forward copies of documents to your employees or colleagues through email. With email fax from RingCentral, you can have a more convenient and affordable way of transmitting documents.

Every business needs reliable communications. But what sets apart one company from the other is their commitment to achieving such. By subscribing to RingCentral, you get access to an excellent phone system that is affordable and inexpensive to maintain. By fusing the power of the Internet with the capabilities of telecommunications, RingCentral is able to provide a whole new functionality to business owners and mobile professionals.

Instantly activated and fully equipped with advanced features, your chosen local or toll free number serves as the main gateway to your office communications. It lets you answer and make calls through the Internet, routing callers to whichever phone you would want to use. Because the system already exists, you do not have to worry about physical connections and hardware maintenance. It is mobile, flexible and very easy to use.

Your RingCentral phone system can also be totally integrated with your mobile phone. If you are using a smartphone, you can download the RingCentral Mobile app and literally take your phone system wherever you go. You can answer business calls directly on your mobile phone without having to give out your personal number to business contacts. You can also view fax documents in the same way you look at photos in your cell phone. What’s more, you can listen to your voicemail messages like how you listen to the music in your handheld device.

A reliable phone system is backed up by a reliable support team, and RingCentral ensures that you get the service you deserve. You can call the customer service hotline 24/7 for any concern or assistance that you may need.

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