10.00 Euro € Are there any “hidden” benefits of VPN access? – part 1 A Barqueira

Fecha de publicación: Julio 27, 2022
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We talk a lot about safety, privacy, anonymity as these are main focus points of using VPN in everyday life. Another positive thing about access to the internet through online free vpns is entertainment – TV and films you want, when you want, in other words much richer VOD than it would be with your original IP (unless you actually are in USA). But we see additional positives of using VPN, especially for those of you who live outside of US and UK.

We have a strong suspicion that if your broadband connection is above 2 mbps you could actually save money with Premium VPN packages. Of course this will not be the case for ALL of you, but perhaps there are those who did not thought of it before. Do you know what is “cord cutting”?

This is quite popular term (and sort of modern phenomenon) happens on a daily basis and is a reason for cable network owners for additional stress. We also suspect that this is one of the reasons HBO is not willing (yet) to open its HBO Go service to all, but is still limiting it only to cable TV subscribers (with few exceptions, like the one for customers of Polish ISP Netia). We are quite certain that falling number of “traditional” TV subscribers even HBO will leave sinking ship but as yet they try to save it. Anyway… “cord cutting” is when you stop paying (and resign) for you cable or sat TV access in order to watch what you want over the internet. It is true that with the internet access you will have much smaller choice of things to watch and sometimes quality can be lower than what you would get from your TV provider. But can you really complain if you will get it for free or for a lot smaller fee than what you pay now?

Lets face it, if you work, have some private life and other interests than just sitting in front of a telly or simply if you get free time (that you could actually use for watching TV) when you are away from home…. do you really need 100 channels, with 6 movies going at the same time? Do you truly like to plan your daily schedule around “what and when” will be on TV?

We do not know how much you pay every month for your TV bill but we suspect that if you want to have a decent choice it is not small amount.

In our (HideIPVPN Team & Friends)) case we worked out that it is much cheaper to pay for access to VPN servers in different countries  (in order to get almost the same choice of TV as people in USA and UK get) and stop paying for “traditional TV”. We watch (almost) what we want and always when we want, when we have time. Perhaps you should try as well?

To be continued…

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