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Liberal theoryes

Karl R. Popper (1902-1994) designed his liberal social theory as the ideal of a pluralistic, liberal-democratic constitutional state: The "open society" is based on the diversity of individual interests - a website that does your homework ; social development takes place gradually through public criticism and reform. In social coexistence, the individual needs the protection of the state to safeguard his rights.

"The state is a necessary evil. Its powers should not be increased beyond what is necessary. (...) For the principle of liberalism demands that those restrictions on individual freedom which become unavoidable through living together should, as far as possible, be equally distributed (Kant) and, as far as possible, reduced." (KARL R. POPPER, 1956)

For sociologist Ralf Dahrendorf (1929-2009), freedom is also the supreme value of politics and the guiding idea of social progress. In the tradition of social liberalism - , however, he saw the state as having a duty to create a level playing field in society for all citizens so that they can exercise their rights equally (equality of opportunity).

"Freedom must not become a privilege, and that means that it is an imperative of the politics of freedom to provide more people, in principle all people, with the entitlements and opportunities that we ourselves already enjoy."
(Ralf Dahrendorf, 2003)

According to Dahrendorf, a stable, liberal polity needs three pillars:

- market economy,
- democracy and
- civil society (as a sphere between the state, the market and the private sphere of citizens).

Civil society means that the rights to freedom must be exercised by the citizens themselves in the sense of an active commitment to their state - (civic spirit) and through the formation of social associations with other citizens. Dahrendorf also emphasized the value of political civic virtues such as initiative and moral courage.

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