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. An academic essay is a short research statement

An academic essay is a text in which you justify a thesis, usually of a polemical nature.

Your task is to prove a statement from some perspective, to convince the reader of something. Or at least show that you know the methods of proof and persuasion accepted in your field of knowledge (and for this you need to know at least the basic literature).

Your primary audience is the instructor or reviewer; choose your arguments with that in mind. Don't pretend that you are writing for "a wide range of interested readers." Remember that an academic essay, like any scholarly text, is always a dialogue with your peers or with those researchers who have dealt with the issue before you. If you have no idea of the academic field at all, you probably won't be able to write an essay.

Nevertheless, in an essay you demonstrate not readiness, but the ability to exercise autonomous judgment: you have a thought or idea for which you can give sufficient reason to be considered by any rational reader. 

Thus, an academic essay is a small research paper that differs from a term paper in the amount of 

 Essay structure

Formulation of the thesis statement.

Your introduction is subordinate to the task of formulating a thesis statement, which is made up of two elements: the topic (what you are talking about) and the defining thought (what you are saying about it). Both should be quite specific.

  The thesis doesn't have to be announced ("my essay is about...", "my thesis is that..."). If you have chosen a successful thesis statement and formulated it convincingly, it will be clear to the reader that it is a thesis statement.

  Don't replace the thesis with a fact. A fact is what it is. A thesis is some judgment, the truth of which must be proven.

  Don't appeal to popular or general opinion. That's just not interesting.


Main part

Strong paragraphs.

The main part is your reasoning, designed to prove the thesis put forward in the introduction. There is and can be no "water" in an essay at all: each paragraph plays its own role that the reader understands.


Try to write with strong paragraphs. Of course, there are cases when rejection of "strong paragraphs" is justified logically or rhetorically. But while you're learning, it's best to make it a rule to write exceptionally strong paragraphs.

(a) A strong paragraph is a "micromodel" of the essay itself.

(b) The topic sentence is the "microthesis" of the paragraph. It necessarily represents the topic and the defining thought: that is, it is an auxiliary thesis that maintains a connection to the thesis of the entire essay.

(c) Justification is always an argumentation in support of the topic sentence, not a loose reasoning on the topic of the essay.

(d) Details (e.g., a quote) and examples are always subordinate to the thesis and justification.

(e) The conclusion not only summarizes the paragraph (in this sense, it should be obviously connected to the topic sentence), but also allows the preparation of the transition to the next paragraph as a unit of meaning (for example, through keywords).

Text cohesion

(a) Watch for logical transitions and the overall coherence of the text. But don't try to replace transitions with "water": remember that in a good essay there are no unnecessary paragraphs, but also no unnecessary sentences or even words.

(b) Don't lose the thesis of your essay. Its loss is a mistake or a trick, moreover - the threat of flooding the essay with unnecessary water .

(c) Use introductory words (first, second, thus, together with that, however, therefore, therefore, nevertheless, etc.). 

Theme and Rhema

There are simple techniques which can help to make the text coherent. For example, the theme and topic rule: a sentence consists of already known information and new, added information that becomes a theme itself as the narrative/argument progresses. This sets a certain rhythm for the narrative: new becomes known + new is added, and again new becomes known + new is added, etc. For more on the communicative structure of a sentence, see academized com review .

  The subject and rhema are not necessarily the same as the grammatical subject and predicate. For example, in the sentence "This topic has been researched surprisingly poorly," the new information is expressed by the adverbs "surprisingly poorly."

  The rema is usually, but not always, placed after the topic. The criterion for determining the composition of both topic and rhema is the question that can be posed to the sentence.

  The topic is not always known information. Sometimes it is something new, but usually assumed in a previous context .

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