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Covid-19 is one of the most important issues nowadays. It is my most favorite topic, and everybody is talking about Corona. Research students are writing research papers on Covid-19, while many students are writing essays on covid-19. Following are the topics that you can check out related to Covid-19 if you are going to write perfect essay writing:

  1. Why is it named Covid-19?

  2. Covid-19 is manufactured?

  3. Bioterrorism and Covid-19

  4. History of Covid-19

  5. Covid-19 link with SARS

  6. China and Covid-19 association

  7. How has Covid-19 impacted your life?

  8. How Covid-19 is locking the whole world?

  9. What are precautions related to Corona?

  10. What are the symptoms of Corona?

  11. What is the structure of the Coronavirus?

  12. Why is covid-19 more dangerous?

  13. Why is it spreading so fast?

  14. What are the post effects of Covid-19?

  15. To date, how much research is done on Covid-19?

  16. Covid-19 link with aged and children?

  17. Immunity vs. Covid-19

  18. What diet should I take during Covid-19?

  19. How many vaccines are available for Corona?

  20. What is the most influential vaccine for Covid-19?

  21. What is the mechanism of action of Covid-19 vaccines?

  22. What are the entry points of the virus?

  23. short essay regarding effects on the economy

  24. Social issues and Covid-19

  25. What is the mode of action of the virus?

  26. How many strains are present of Covid-19?

  27. Why does it mutate so fast?

  28. How Covid-19 disturbs sustainable energy movement?

  29. Pollution and Covid-19

  30. Globally effect of Pandemic

  31. Importance of mask in Covid-19

  32. Importance of handwashing in Covid-19

  33. What are SOPs for washing hands?

  34. Covid-19 and SOPS

  35. Medical staff role in Pandemic

  36. Engineers’ role in fighting pandemic

  37. Types of Covid-19 tests

  38. PCR role in Covid-19 test

  39. Covid-19 impact on mental health

  40. WHO guidelines regarding Pandemic

  41. Was lockdown necessary or not?

  42. Climate change effects on Covid-19

  43. Causes of Covid-19

  44. Impact of Covid-19 on ongoing projects

  45. How do students get disturbed due to pandemics?

  46. How has Covid-19 affected me personally?

  47. Covid-19 is the most prominent teacher.

  48. International trade and Pandemic

  49. An international ban on countries due to Covid-19

  50. Quarantine rules for corona patients

We are presenting these topics after reading a numerous research paper conducted to examine the all issues caused by Covid as well as other adverse impacts of it. So, you can choose any of your interest topics for critical analysis essay

  1. Difference between symptomatic and asymptomatic patients

  2. Efficacy of difference vaccines of Corona

  3. Theories regarding Covid-19

  4. Without audience matches of sports in Pandemic

  5. SARS was dangerous or Covid-19

  6. What is meant by new Corona waves?

  7. Why is vaccination necessary?

  8. What is the treatment of the Coronavirus?

  9. Theories regarding vaccines in familiar people

  10. How do vaccines form?

  11. Impact of Covid-19 on restaurants

  12. The ratio of stress in students due to Pandemic can be a good topic for admission essay

  13. American and Russian vaccines

  14. Chinese Covid-19 vaccines overview

  15. How to cope with anxiety during Covid-19?

  16. Effect of Corona on food supply chain

  17. Underdeveloped countries and Pandemic

  18. How can you do productive things in Pandemic?

  19. Any ten blessings you realize in covid-19?

  20. Pandemic advantages and disadvantages

  21. Role of technology in Covid-19

  22. Health system collapse during Corona

  23. How are different countries dealing with Covid-19?

  24. Online mode of education and students’ point of view

  25. Impact of Corona on the airline industry

  26. Future of world after Covid-19

  27. Why is social distancing necessary in Covid-19?

  28. How does Coronavirus transmit from one another?

  29. The financial instability of a large number of people due to Pandemic

  30. Impact of Covid-19 on the economy of United States of America

  31. Who is the first Covid-19 free country?

  32. Unemployment VS Covid-19

  33. Overall pandemic crises in the world

  34. Conspiracy theories regarding Covid-19

You can choose any topic mentioned above if you are searching to academic goals on coronavirus.

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