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Starting in Sales: Losing Fear of the Unknown



It's not easy being new at something. We are afraid of making mistakes in basic steps, of not memorizing some procedures and, in the end, ending up being embarrassed in public.

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Often the fear is not about losing your job, but the humiliation of not being able to do something that everyone already does in such a simple way.

We don't really know how to talk to the customer, the best words to start an email or how to behave during a call. There are software to fall back on, methodologies with confusing names and multiple action stages, creating even more chances to step on the ball.

Everyone is like that in the beginning, but it is necessary to learn to get around our self-critical voice and know how to progress quickly.

Accept your current situation

The longer it takes us to understand that we are beginners and that there is a learning process, the longer it will take to start learning. Few things block learning more than trying to act like someone experienced.

Remember your story and try to focus on your strengths, but be humble to ask and, even more at first, make sure you know what you're doing. As much as it may bother the teacher a little, a double check is better than a mistake that causes harm.

Observe team behavior

Every team of professionals develops a very specific interaction dynamic. From jargon and expressions, to the way they treat customers and organize their activities,  everything changes a lot in each small community .

Learn to observe and copy the behaviors that are appropriate  . When we don't quite know what to do, imitating is the best strategy. Don't be afraid to ask why something is being done or if there isn't a better way to accomplish a task, but when it comes to doing it, doing it like others is the initial guarantee that nothing will go wrong. Read More: PropertyNews


Of course, with time and maturity your own habits will emerge, but initially it's important to have an example.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes

Assume you can get it wrong. Letting go of that fear and knowing it will happen opens up a huge path to more spontaneous attempts.

Of course, knowing that you are going to make a mistake, there are some precautions we must take to ensure that the mistake is correct. In this case, always think about the following details:

  • Document everything you do - calls, contacts, emails

  • Keep your CRM always up to date

  • Ask someone to accompany you when you are unsafe

  • Formulate answers that allow you to go back in case of error

Find out what you need to know

The best way to start a new job is to sit down with the person who is already a reference and ask them everything they think is important to know . Each company has its methodology and way of working, so these elements can vary a lot.

Make a good list of terms, methods, software, and procedures that you haven't fully mastered and study. Save the first or last hour of the day to update this knowledge and, preferably, study everything in an organized way, so that you can easily consult it when doubts arise.

The biggest difficulty for every novice is to understand what he doesn't know yet.

When we are placed in a new situation, it is common to feel uncomfortable, but when we learn to respect our progress, we seek to understand what we must learn and take care, learning becomes just a gradual process, where the fear of the unknown and uncertainty ends up becoming a curious learning adventure.

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